Guidelines 2019-2020

 1. School policies are designed to foster a professional attitude on the part of the student from the very beginning. ALL GUIDELINES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

 2. Students must arrive and leave the building dressed in outdoor clothing and shoes, not ballet wear.

 3. Students should not leave the building before, after, or between classes unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

 4. Hair MUST be drawn smoothly and firmly up off the face and neck and placed in a firmly secured ballet bun.

 5. No jewelry, flowers, or hair ornaments are to be worn in class.

 6. Dress attire must be in decent condition with no tears or rips, especially tights. NO EXCEPTIONS.

 7. Good personal hygiene is of utmost importance especially with all the students coming in close contact with each other.

 8. Chewing gum, eating and drinking anything but water are not allowed upstairs. Students are expected to throw away their own trash in the proper receptacle.

 9. Students arriving late for class will wait at the entrance of the dance room until the exercise in progress is completed. Then, with a simple “excuse me” and permission by the teacher, will take their place in class.

10. Students must be picked up within 10 minutes after the class is over unless arrangements have been made with the teacher. This is for your safety since there is no supervision downstairs during class time.

*The director has the right to enforce any future rules as seen fit for the benefit of the school.



We strive to provide a safe and innovative dance environment. In order to do our job as instructors, we need your support in preparing your child for dance. All children (12 years and younger) need to be quiet when in the room waiting for their lesson.


We will not tolerate rude behavior from anyone. We believe that all dancers should share a level of respect for the instructor and each other. This is a learning environment and we expect both students and parents to respect this policy.


In the event of misbehavior, a student will be given a verbal warning to respectfully participate in class. After the verbal warning, the student will be asked to take a 5 min timeout. If the behavior continues past these two warnings, the student will be dismissed from the rest of that class and a conference between the instructor and parent will need to be arranged.


If your child suffers from a physical disability, learning or behavior problems. PLEASE let the instructor know prior to the first class meeting. This information is vital so that we can organize the flow of class to benefit all students.


PARENTS: There are chairs and free WiFi down stairs. It is a distraction to your children and the teachers to have parents in the dance room. Parents are not allowed in class with their child. If a child is not able to attend class without their parent, they may not be ready for dance. Unfortunately, we do not offer mommy and me classes at this time.


All dress codes will be strictly enforced, dancewear available onsite - see below


    Girls: Black tank style leotards, pale pink tights, and soft pink ballet shoes.
    Boys: White T-shirt, black tights, white ballet shoes, and white socks.
Pointe: Pink Pointe shoes with pink ribbons


Jazz:  Solid color leotard, tights or jazz pants and tan jazz shoes.


Hip-Hop: Tennis shoes required, NO black soled shoes. Low top converse style in black/white (generic shoes from low cost stores are available. The grey soles are acceptable.


Revolution Dancewear line available onsite by Revolution Dancewear


Please email, call or text for an appointment


311 Monte Vista Avenue, Healdsburg
California, 95448 USA


Production Guidelines




The two annual shows this year are "Winter Production" December  (see event page for dates) and "Healdsburg Ballet's Spring Performance" May (see event page).  Participation is not required but it is a wonderful experience for your dancer to showcase their talents. The following requirements must be met in order to be in the show. If after reading the requirements you decide your dancer will not participate (ex. time restrictions/vacation conflict) then you must EMAIL Teresa by September 1, and Feb. 1, respectfully  before each show so she can adjust the choreography accordingly. Most dances are choreographed for the whole class so it is imperative that you contact her right away.


         ****Show Participation Requirements***


1. CHECK THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE - Check the calendar of events IMMEDIATELY for rehearsal dates at or the studio to see if any of your other activities conflict with that schedule.  You are allowed to miss up to ONE regular rehearsal before your part can be forfeited and/or given to another dancer. Dress rehearsals are MANDATORY.  Individual class time and rehearsals are valuable to the whole school's success.  Excessive class absence may cause your dancer to forfeit their part(s). **In order to be considered for a special part you must inform the director of any personal scheduling conflicts immediately**


2.     KEEP CHECKING SCHEDULE - It is the responsibility of the dancers and their parents to check the rehearsal schedules. Changes to the schedule and any other performance announcements will be available to you via the STUDENT PORTAL (access 24 hours a day) as well as be posted at the studio. Ask your dancer about announcements made during class time. You can also check the website at


3.     PAY PRODUCTION FEES - Production fees must be paid in full by October 1st, and February 1st, respectively. Due to the level of commitment and costs of production, the fees are non-refundable. The fees are listed below.  Email Ms. Teresa if you have any questions.


4. COMPLETE SERVICE HOURS - Jobs are first come first given and these will be posted ONLINE under EVENTS for you to sign-up. Some jobs require one person; some require 2-6 (job examples include selling tickets, back stage mom etc.)  Please do not add your name to the bottom of the form if this job that has already been filled.  Keep track of your hours. Service hours should be completed according to the chart below or Healdsburg Ballet reserves the right to bill your account at the rate of $20 for every hour not completed. Any family member or friend can help you with your hours. You can opt-out of doing the service hours by paying the Non-Help fee of $300.00 per student. The Non-Help fee will be billed if you don't show up for your job.




1 Dance-    $ 85.00    and minimum     10 Service Hours


2 Dances - $130.00    and minimum   14 Service Hours


3 Dances - $180.00    and minimum   16 Service Hours


4 Dances - $200.00    and minimum   18 Service Hours


5+Dances- $250.00    and minimum   20 Service Hours


Note: PLEASE NOTE there are no family discounts for production cost.  Or for service hours.


REMINDER: If you choose not to participate then an email must be received by the dates.  Once the performance fee deadline of September 1st, and February 1st, have past there will be NO REFUNDS. There will be no refunds if you drop from the performance mid season.                                                                                                                                                 




New students are required to take a placement class. The Director and teacher will determine placement based on age level, technical ability, and number of classes taken. Promotions are made based on the student’s success in fulfilling the goals for each level. The Director is always available to discuss the student’s goals for the year and their progress.


Healdsburg Ballet and all it's teachers reserves the right to move a dancer to a different level up or down to better reflect the best learning level for that person. As well if upon enrolling you have chosen the wrong class we will enroll her/him into the correct level.


Instructions for Student Portal


#1 Click the online registration link from the homepage and


Fill out the registration form. IF you have an email on file with us you will be prompted to click the red "already a customer" at the top of this page. If you fill out the form when you have been told you are "already a customer", it will create a second account within our system and we don't want that.


#2 If your email isn't on file you will be directed to the student portal page or you can access this from the homepage. If you selected the "already a customer" link you are taken directly there.


#3 Enter your email and click "forgot password". You may have to wait up to ten minutes for a temporary password to come. Don't keep clicking for a new password or you bog down the system and the process will take longer than needed.


#4 Once you receive your temporary password then log into the student portal. You should be asked to read and agree to the policies of the school.


#5 Pay your $45/per dancer registration fee. You will have to enter a credit card in your billing profile then you will be able to make a payment.


#6 You can now enroll your child in classes


#7 You will receive an email from us regarding cost of your tuition and you will need to tell us which method you are going to pay with.


#8 Pay your tuition and bring your dancer to class!


Rev. 8/5/18


                            Ask us about the new dancewear line available onsite
                                               by Revolution DanceWear.